The want satisfying power of any product or service popularly known as utility is something that arises the need ,want  or desire amongst any consumer. To arise such need , want, or desire it is important to make people aware of what a business is offering.

Taking the businesses to online platform gives a perk of making the clients aware of the essential features that they would be getting from the product desired or service about to be offered.

When we have a customer dominated market which also have a lot of compition and is filled with readily available substitions , it is the digital platform which helps a business to standout from the rest and reach to maximum audience .

Lets talk about how a business organisation can use digital platform to give a personal touch to its audiences:

  • Prepare a well acquainted website for your business which will have a easy and friendly user interface.

For instance, Apple though being one of the most popular techno brand , have a simple yet effective website which cater needs of its customers.

  • Insert a template that could showcase the variety of product lines that the organisation offers.

Giving the potential customers an ease of sitting back at their home and still navigating through the vast products and services offered , have a high probability of turning them from potential to actual consumers.

  • Taking help of various social media platforms to get the popularity among customers of all age group .

Cultlive is one of the most popular apps for home based fitness regime ,and it has used social media platforms to do the same. 

  • Offering a clear view about the features of product or services .

Amazon shows a clear zoomed in picture that enables a customer to take correct purchasing actions .

Looking from the consumer’s point of view the digital platform have certain benefits :

  • Easy decision making from the vast variety of products and services offered.
  • Comfort of navigation at anywhere and anytime.
  • Availability of information 24*7.
  • Getting the digital touch .
  • Ease of reporting complains and grievances.
  • To send necessary feedbacks.

From the above article it is quite evident that digital marketing is very essential for building trust among the customers through a digital touch.

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